New Moon Flowers

November 2023

Where did October go! I didn’t even update my blog as was super busy with holiday, seed sowing, tidying and the list goes on.

We are fast approaching Christmas and I know that a lot of people moan about it being too early but we are lucky, it’s a wonderful time of year for us and I’ve always eagerly anticipated 1st December when it seems acceptable to put up the decorations.

This year I’ve booked off Friday 1st as Annual Leave from my day job & I am having a day of decorating the house, homemade Christmas Gin & Christmas music.

I’ve been more organized this year with the web shop and Christmas items for the local cart. I’m really excited that I’ve created some beautiful compostable wreaths and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ve found it really therapeutic and hope they bring joy.

Available on the shop page 🎅🏻

I mentioned last time about starting my study with the RHS. I’ve completed my first assignment for unit 1 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m keen to get going on the 2nd piece of work but I also want to get my grades back. I’m so excited that I’ve made a decision to pursue my passion and am counting down the 3 years!

In more news, progress is happening behind the scenes for New Moon Flowers. I’ve managed to secure some trade accounts for gifts to accompany flowers alongside the wholesale business which is so exciting.

There’s a huge amount of work and plans going on behind the scenes but we are thrilled with the new name and logo ~ it fits with who I am and I can’t wait to share more on this news but I’m afraid that’s going to take a bit of time. I hope you like it!

Nature Notes: We have a large number of thrushes enjoying the fruit farm next door including Fieldfare and Redwing.
There is also a very friendly Robin who likes to entertain with a song! 

So what is going on with the flowers?


 2024 season is in full swing.
We have thousands of plants on the go - Colibri Poppies, Snapdragons, Ranunculus, Tulips, Sweet Rocket, Strawflowers, Cornflowers and many more. 
Manifesting a successful year ⭐️