New Moon Flowers

June 2024

The dawn chorus is magnificent at the moment but the weather is still very changeable. As I write this, the skies are grey, the wind is howling & there is rain in the air, not the expected weather for the beginning of June.

The farm is looking all very green at the moment as we wait for the big flush of early summer flowers to start. So much more to plant & I’m excited to say that we are growing some of the exclusive Zinnias from the amazing Floret team in the states.


(Image Floret Flower Instagram 2024) 

 I cannot wait to see how these do, so far they have germinated which is half the battle! Then is keeping them alive and not let them be eaten as my not so special ones have succumbed to the slugs!

I was thrilled that so many entered our competition to win a bouquet & bath set. The lucky winner sent me some gorgeous photographs…

Rebecca Bathory 2024

The beginning of June is British Flowers Week and to mark the occasion we are offering free nationwide delivery for first time online orders over £30. There is simply no better time to show someone you care.
Code: #newmoonflowers. It’s been really quite tough trying to get a steady flow of orders, we receive tremendous support locally for our flower cart but for a small business in a big business world it’s a constant battle, so I hope giving this offer will encourage more customers ~ I believe the flowers will speak for themselves. 

It’s been an exciting time for nature on the farm with a den of stoats keeping the rabbits in check, the swifts, swallows, kestrels & buzzards soaring rhe skies plus skylarks, linnets and yellowhammers making a daily appearance. Ladybirds are doing a marvelous job with the aphids and we’ve already seen a great selection of bees. Mum & I are walking for wildlife between now and Christmas hoping to raise some money to buy more homes for our friends on the farm. If you are able to sponsor us then please visit our crowd funding page…

Walking For Wildlife

 I look forward to sharing July in bloom with you next month & I‘m praying for our wholesale boxes to finally reach our webshop!