New Moon Flowers

February 2024

As the birds begin singing at the top of their lungs, the daffodils start peeking through the soil and there is felling of renewed hope in the air, Spring is definitely on the way.

I have just completed (& pleased to say passed) the first unit of my RHS study, only 7 more to go! Scary to think it was September that I was excited to have been awarded a space and it’s now February and I’m one unit down. As I always say, push yourself to start something, before you know it you’re on the road to new things.

2024 marks a change in our name & strategy. Many people have asked why has it changed and the simple answer is…no more weddings. OPW stood for ‘Our Pretty Wedding’ and it was a business venture that included photography, floristry, stationery and design. None of which is active anymore for a number of reasons, not just the Covid pandemic destruction. Mainly because I don’t enjoy the pressure of weddings, as time has gone on I have done quite a bit of soul searching for what’s important and I’m all about horticulture nowadays and growing flowers and food is my main passion. I am also fascinated by nature and the moon and how the cycles impact growing, hence…

New Moon Flowers!


 2024 season is going well so far but due to the wet weather planting out of the hardy annuals has been a bit scuppered, so I feel a bit behind. However the tulips, daffodils & ranunculus are all powering through.

2024 also marks the beginning of our 'proper’ webshop. I’ve been dipping my toe in the water the last couple of years but it’s now time to go for it! I’m so grateful for all the testers last year and feedback I received that has given me the confidence to just do it. I’m nervous as it’s more work on top of an already busy schedule but I hope it’ll be worth it. Not only will we be offering wholesale flowers but also gift bouquets, candles, crystals and bath gifts.

 I’d like to Thank You for reading and all of your support. I have an exciting free competition coming this month, with the winner being announced Good Friday so keep your eyes peeled!