New Moon Flowers

August 2023

Oh my goodness, it’s August!
Last time I wrote it was Spring and now Summer is coming near to the end! It really is true about time flying and setting goals for the future ~ it always seems so far away when you want something but just starting something is the biggest hurdle.

5 years on the farm and although I feel only slightly closer to being solely a flower farmer I have spent time re-evaluating my goals and I am super excited for the next chapter in my journey.

I’ve just had a break away from the farm & the day job for a week. Our nieces held the fort on the farm and I managed to enjoy some much needed rest.

I’ve returned to masses of blooms, buds and weeds! The week ahead will be busy as I try to tidy up, cut, sell, arrange & start preparations for next season as well as update the online shop.

I love this time of year on the farm, the masses of flowers, birds, mammals & insects just makes my heart sing. Cutting buckets of blooms makes it all worth while and as I’m busy updating the shop it has occurred to me that it’ll soon be Christmas themed and I need to do some preparations for that!

I can already feel the mornings and evenings changing to a more Autumnal feel, Autumn is my favorite time of year but I must make the most of the summer and warmth.

Nature Notes: Hares, Stoats, Muntjac & Foxes still dashing around. Loads & Loads of ladybirds & bees covering the flowers and not forgetting the butterflies. Lots of grass snakes this year & my favourite common lizards are back in the tunnel

Last time I wrote we were impatiently waiting on our Cornflowers, well due to the hot dry weather they came & went in a flash! Along with the agrostemma. The snapdragons were an absolute joy this year and I’m soon to be sowing the seeds for next season.

Although we are predominantly flower growers, I do get my creative juices flowing with our little flower cart in the village. I am a self taught flower arranger, not a trained florist but I do have a good eye for colours and patterns and have learned the basics for caring for flowers.

I much prefer working alongside florists though, providing our blooms for them to work their magic. This is why we no longer do event flowers - it really wasn’t something we enjoyed and it’s really hard to grow and style particularly for big weddings.
I wanted and needed to be on the farm but so much time was spent arranging that we had to make a choice.

We did keep Blossom the flower cart though and our bags, boxes, vases and wraps have been so popular since starting but because of the growing and wholesale orders they are incredibly limited.

However to round up the 2023 season I am adding some arrangements to the shop to enable ordering online for collection so that if you often miss out when popping to the cart you can be sure to get your flowers if you keep an eye on the shop